Benchscapes: Reinvigorating the Ecclesiastical Landscape

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Bench Numbers:
We have designed and illustrated benches 4,9 and 12, with the concept then intended to be applied to other benches across the site.
Estimated Hours Taken:
Varying timbers, natural stones, cast concrete, metal rails, and earthworks
Ground Preparation:
A limited amount of levelling and moving of earth. It is a considered part of the proposal that the benches are imbedded and integrated into the existing landscape, rather than imposed upon it.
Fixings / installation:
The benches are designed to be built using simple construction methods so that volunteers and members of the local community can participate in their creation. In this way it is considered that those involved feel they have a personal part in the local legacy of the park.
The proposals are designed to encourage nature to grow around, through and upon the benches as they become an imbedded fixture of the existing landscape. Tending to the foliage and growth aligned with this concept is intended to be part of the ongoing community involvement in the park.
Estimate of £3,000 per bench for materials. Labour is primarily design to be done by community volunteers.
About your theme:
Our proposal seeks to repurpose the cemetery, bringing new life and reinvigorating the space through a connected series of stages upon which visitors can play, perform, gather and of course sit.