Fallen Leaves

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jake@designhousestudio.co.uk Composite Theme Submission

Bench Numbers:
Estimated Hours Taken:
45 Hours
external grade timber, metal, brick, concrete, tensile fabric
Ground Preparation:
Approx. 500mm deep trench dug in ground filled with concrete (trench footing). Where bench plinth is made in concrete, this will be cast as one piece in situ, 500mm below ground and 400mm above ground.
Fixings / installation:
The seat plinths will be installed as follows:

1. Concrete plinth bench: Cast in situ as descibed above

2. Brick plinth bench: Bricklaying onto trench footing, 400mm above ground

The metal framed leaf benches / canopies will be resin anchored onto the afore mentioned plinths.
The proposed materials are robust and hardwearing. We do not anticipate any maintenance issues.
Approx. Benches 1 &9 = £4K each, Benches 2&12 = £14K each, Bench 3 = £10K, Benches 4&11 = £8K each, Bench 10 = £6K
About your theme:
Fallen Leaves is a series of benches scattered around the Cemetery. Taking inspiration from the context and natural surroundings, this proposal creates a series of leaf-shaped seats, which animate the cemetery, each with a different identity yet part of the same family.

The leaves are in some instances skeletal and frame-like and in others more solid. They function as bench seating or canopies and are fixed onto solid plinth bases. Each bench seat accommodates different uses, encourages visitor interaction and facilitates for a range of activities and users (dog walking, children games, views, resting, reading, listening to information, cyclist resting etc.)

The leaves and plinths come in a number of variations. The leaves are made as metal frames, sometimes exposed and sometimes covered with water resistant tensile fabric or perforated metal panels. The plinths are solid and robust and made from concrete or brick.