Inspiration to Innovation

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Bench Numbers:
Estimated Hours Taken:
Various: concrete, black granite, rose wood, aluminum, steel
Ground Preparation:
Small concrete foundation structures are needed, especially for the three benches made out of steel. Exact details can be determined based on ground conditions and design development.
Fixings / installation:
Steel benches: Mounted on a concrete foundation structure (if possible prefabricated).

Concrete benches: Directly placed on the terrain. Depending on soil conditions small extra concrete foundation slabs might need to be given.
Cleaning with water of the polished granite surfaces on a regular base.

Cleaning of steel and aluminum surfaces with water on a regular base. Check on coatings on a regular base, and if required maintenance and repair works of coating by specialists. Expected every two years.

Cleaning and applying of coating of rosewood parts by specialists on a regular base. Expected every three years.

About your theme:
Inspiration to Innovation

We use famous people born in Berkhamsted as an inspiration for the design of our seats. Inspiring characteristics of people of different generations are translated in abstract seat designs.

By referring to Berkhamsted prodigies and their impact on its history, the visitors of the cemetery can experience a vivid and rooted story about the past. Seats to remember.