Ivy benches

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jake@designhousestudio.co.uk Composite Theme Submission

Bench Numbers:
8 groups of benches
Estimated Hours Taken:
184 hours (23 parts of benches X 8 hours)
Wood, chrome metal parts (bench legs), metal fixings, concreate, luminaires + drivers
Ground Preparation:
Concrete foundation is needed. Electrical cables should be provided for the benches lighting.
Fixings / installation:
Ready made benches would be placed in to the concrete fondations
Electricity for the luminaires.

Wood treatment for every few years.
£7500 (£3500 for materials + £4000 realisation, delivery, installation)
About your theme:
Our approach has been to create a composite scheme of the benches which unifies the space and highlights the unique character and identity of the Rectory Lane Cemetery.

The design of the benches was inspired by the ivy plant which is the memorial symbol found on the tombstones in the Rectory Lane Cemetery. Ivy is often found in Christian symbolism and it represents eternity, fidelity, and strong affectionate attachment, such as wedded love and friendship. Another association of Ivy as an evergreen is perennial life and immortality. The main shapes of the benches are based on this plant. The layout of the benches spread through the cemetery as an ivy branches .

These benches are not just functional. They are also the aesthetic objects which have the symbolic meaning.