New Growth

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Bench Numbers:
Estimated Hours Taken:
Brick, Concrete, Metal, Wood
Ground Preparation:
Most of the benches, containing a large slab within the design would simply require a bed of gravel and proper drainage to prevent heaving during freezing weather. The benches without slabs would benefit from a true foundation reaching down below frost level.
Fixings / installation:
Many of the benches contain brickwork which should be built and attached to their respective slab/foundation by a mason. Metal work should formed by an artisan then can be affixed to the slab/masonry by a contractor/mason.
General cleaning
$500-$2000 per bench (varies)
About your theme:
While I did run out of time to finish my proposals I thought I would pass along what I did get done so that it doesn't go to waste.

My vision was to incorporate the materials already typically found in a cemetery to construct sculptures that double as benches. The 5 that I have designed are all distinctly unique and differentiated in their own design, their only translating features being the materials used. These fresh designs using the same materials already common to the site will pull the area comfortably into modernity.

I would like to let my individual designs speak for themselves as opposed to describing them in detail.