Download Submission Pack Composite Theme Submission

Bench Numbers:
Estimated Hours Taken:
Hardwood, stainless steel
Ground Preparation:
Minimal ground preparation due to the benches not being overly intrusive on the land.
Fixings / installation:
A 200mm concrete chipping with a 100mm concrete screed.
Due to the quality of materials used (hard wood and stainless steel) there will be minimal requirement for maintenance.
About your theme:
With over 1000 burials at this site, the cemetery holds many stories within it. Each person has lived their own life and has created their own story. It is said that Palmistry reveals the life we live. The three zones within the cemetery will be represented through the three key lines of Palmistry. The Life line- the Lower Zone (4 benches), The Head line- the Middle Zone, The Heart Line- the Upper Zone. Each zone will contain benches inspired by their corresponding lines. The life line will be for family benches as we consider what is left behind in this instance. The head line will be based on reflection and solitary space, this is motivated by the head's need for focus, also tying in with the proposal of a memorial garden. And finally the heart line will be inspired by romance, the final sculptural bench will be bold in its representation of the heart line and create an ideal spot to look out over the horizon.