Quiet Continuity

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jake@designhousestudio.co.uk Composite Theme Submission

Bench Numbers:
Benches 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 and 12
Estimated Hours Taken:
walnut wood, polished stainless steel and bare concrete
Ground Preparation:
The concrete slabs (which can be prefabricated), located where the people lay their feet while seated, should be partially buried, so it will be necessary to move a small area of land. For each bench, it will be necessary to make two small concrete foundations where the metal planes which support the seats will be encrusted (or bolted). The same goes for any other metallic structure, like the information panels, rubbish bins, etc. For the audio guides, hidden between the two information panels, it would be necessary to extent the electric network from the nearest point if charging points ought to be created.
Fixings / installation:
All the benches are composed by two pieces: a metallic, U shaped, support and a walnut wood board composition. The second will be bolted to the first, which is fixed to concrete foundations. The only exception are the picnic benches (number 3) which are made only of wood and bolted to the concrete slabs, so they can be replaced by schools/colleges proposals.
All materials are weather resilient and will age slowly and gain a special character while doing so. No maintenance will be necessary.
£31500 (estimated by Portuguese standards). Not including transportation, ground preparation and installation.
About your theme:
A cemetery is a place for the community, where we honor the dead and cherish the living.

Any object placed in this context should respect its solemnity, merging itself with the bucolic atmosphere and finding its meaning in the relation with the ones who use them. Not through a big, out of context formal statement.

Traditional materials, like walnut wood and bare concrete, give a warm and domestic feeling and will age honorably, merging with the surroundings. On the other side, the reflective metallic surfaces give an immaterial quality to the bench legs and the information panels, where the text is subtly engraved.

As a group, the benches make a coherent and dynamic composition. Discreetly emerging and disappearing throughout the cemetery space, encouraging a break to rest and recall an old memory.