The Cruciform

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Bench Numbers:
Estimated Hours Taken:
Stainless steel and oak
Ground Preparation:
I anticipate that a discreet concrete/stone pad would be required at each end of the base to provide a level surface for installation.
Fixings / installation:
The bench is formed from two metal bases and six sections of timber so could be installed on site as a kit of parts to aid handling or manufactured off site and installed as one piece. The bench would be bolted down to a discreet concrete or stone pad. I anticipate that the final resolution would be reached during the detailed design phase when a fabricator has been selected and the final weight of the bench accurately calculated.
The materials and specification have been chosen for their robustness and will age beautifully over time. The metal bases require no maintenance but it is suggested that a visual inspection is undertaken once a year to assess the timber and whether re-oiling may be required. The design is such that should a section of timber become damaged, it could be easily replaced.
Total estimated cost: £1600. This cost could be reduced by altering the specification of the metal and timber e.g powder coated mild steel.
About your theme:
Please see enclosed PDF document illustrating approach and concept.