The Family of Arches

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Bench Numbers:
Estimated Hours Taken:
concrete, reconstituted stone, solid timer
Ground Preparation:
In some cases no ground preparation is required. In other cases where Arches might be bigger a minimum of foundation work is needed.
Fixings / installation:
Shallow concrete pedestal.
Eventual cleaning.
£1,040 pounds only on concrete (Under the assumptions Concrete is £70 per cubic metre). Craftsmanship will vary depending on chosen contractor. Additional funds are to be retained for special pigments, timber elements and finishes.
About your theme:
The arch is a temple for the ones we want to remember, a refuge where we take shelter while we remember, a window to another side, a portal between yesterday and today. When we die, and get buried underground the gravestone protects our identity for posterity. In the realm of the living that we luckily still belong to, the arch-bench protects our precious bodies space.

The arch is also an archetypal element found in bridges, cathedrals, gates and many other structures for centuries past; it is deeply embedded in us as a symbol of support, shelter and solidity.

As a portal, it fittingly reminds users and passers by of the spiritual nature of the space.