The Nightingale and the Glow Worm

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Bench Numbers:
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12
Estimated Hours Taken:
Bricks (Freshfield Lane - Linfield Yellow Multi Facing, Mortar, Mass Concrete Foundation, Felled Oak
Ground Preparation:
Removal of existing bench at specific locations.
Benches 02 / 03 / 10 / 11 as low-rise elements, these will require only a shallow mass concrete foundation (100-150 mm) which should be poured atop a compacted 100 mm hardcore base.
Benches 01 / 09 / 04 / 12 as taller elements these will require a deeper mass concrete foundation (225-300 mm) which should again be poured atop a compacted 100 mm hardcore base.
Fixings / installation:
The brick and mortar will be laid atop the concrete foundation by a bricklayer. No fixings are required with the exception of bench 11 where the Oak stools are to be fixed to the brick plinth with discreet galvanised bolts, washers and nuts.
It is intended that the structures are very low maintenance. The bricks specified above are of a high quality and have an F2 frost rating, meaning that they are particularly resilient to the action of freeze-thaw weathering. Mortar mixes would be specified to achieve the same.

It is intended that, as is characteristic of the cemetery surroundings, the brick furniture would in time gather a population of mosses and lichen so that any requirement for a scrub down/weeding is light. A strong benefit of using brick is that only a basic level of technical knowledge will be required to undertake any necessary repairs.

As per the walls of the cemetery, the mortar of the furniture will eventually require repointing but with a lifespan of 50-80 years, this would be some time away.

Material costs and labour (for all eight elements) = £8954.50
About your theme:
As in William Cowperâ's beautiful poem, The Nightingale and the Glow Worm there can be found at Rectory Lane Cemetery a family of harmonious qualities within which our proposal seeks to nestle. An ensemble of small scale clay brick and mortar additions could expand the cemetery's existing supporting group of the clay masonry features whilst providing places to pause, relax and reflect.

An expanded written explanation of our scheme is outlined in the attached pages.