The Rectory Lane Remembrance Stones

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Bench Numbers:
8 Separate Bench areas (11 benches in total)
Estimated Hours Taken:
120 hours or (13 working days)
- Benches: Cast Concrete, English Oak and Corten Steel - Landscaping: Chiltern Red Bricks to match existing walls and Lighting
Ground Preparation:
Ground preparation varies with each bench. However, when located on the existing lawn, flattening of surrounding ground is required as well as the laying of either a shallow concrete slab or the compaction of a layer of hardcore.

Sexton's Hut requires restoration.

Vegetation clearance at top end of site.
Fixings / installation:
Concrete Bench Plinths will either be cast in-situ, or be pre-fabricated and brought to site. All other materials and manufacturing processes will be fixed on site and in-situ.
Very little, after a number of years the timber slats may need replacing. Timber will live long with an annual coat of hardwood oil.
The standard bench design, (as per presentation page 2) is estimated at a few thousand pounds. However, due to the differing designs of each bench, it is hard to give an exact figure. We are happy to work with you, in order to value engineer the scheme to a figure that suits the project.
About your theme:
The Rectory Lane Remembrance Stones - A set of benches made from local materials which link seamlessly together to form an elegant, composite scheme.

Responding to the cemetery's Chiltern surroundings, we realised the importance of utilising local materials to re-energise a community interest towards the site as a 'Contemporary Garden' whilst maintaining respect for the site's symbolic significance as a heritage asset.

Each bench is designed with a potential visitor in mind, whether it be for: Reflective friends or relatives visiting loved ones graves, a group of school children that are learning about the local community, or indeed just for someone coming to read a book in a quiet & natural setting.