Woven in Time

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jake@designhousestudio.co.uk Composite Theme Submission

Bench Numbers:
Estimated Hours Taken:
Material Pallet - Concrete, Hardwood timber, Galvanised Steel
Ground Preparation:
Excavate trenches for concrete strip foundations
Fixings / installation:
Construct formwork for concrete bench bases

Cut timber lengths to suit bench tops and framing

Masonry/Resin bolts to secure timber to concrete base, and sole plates to secure timber frames to ground.
Regular sealing of hardwood timber (Bi-annually), brush down and jet wash seasonally.
Average of £100o per bench total cost £8000 for phase 1
About your theme:
Woven in Time is a proposal for a series of interventions within the grounds of the Rectory Lane Cemetery.
Starting with the considered designs of eight carefully located new benches, there is potential for the scheme to grow in meaning and belonging with layers of landscaped connections and sculptural interventions that look to enrich a site steeped in history, sentiment and remembrance. A place that captures the very essence and fabric of time.

The proposal seeks to create 8 benches of distinct use and ambience. These benches are connected by a simple edging that creates a new route through the cemetery. This new route will weave with the existing paths but transform dead space into zones of activities and life. We invite the community to plant life into landscaping zones that will eventually encapsulate a space. From the northern entrance to the site from the heart of the town, we have proposed a zone for play. This is a zone for the family or individual. From here a zone for the community to grow and come together. whether this is for remembrance or simply for beauty. This leads onto the main entrance for the cemetery and as such a place for the community to inform. An alternative path is for the individual, to follow a stream of water through the arch of trees to find a sanctuary for reflection, to read and to be.

A simple palette of concrete and timber have been chosen as materials for the benches. Concrete for its simplicity, permanence and buildability. Timber again for buildability but also as a softer more organic material that brings a warmth to the interventions in what is often seen as a place of sombreness.